International Workshop Perception and ethical and social effects of Autonomous Vehicles

28 Maggio 2021@14:30–19:00
Leonardo Annese

PIARC Associazione Mondiale della Strada Italia

Gruppo di Lavoro Aspetti etici, sociali e di sicurezza della guida autonoma

Evento della serie PIARC WEBS

 PIARC – World Road Association – Italian National Committee presents an international workshop to discuss all the implications that autonomous vehicles will have under the social and ethical aspects. Special categories of citizens, reliability, acceptance under the social and psychological point of view.

Experts coming from the UK, USA  and Singapore, together with members of the Working Group Ethical, social and safety aspects of autonomous driving and TTS Italia will propose and discuss their experiences.

Scope of the workshop is to produce a formal report to be published by PIARC Italia and shared with other organizations participating in the workshop.


Leonardo ANNESE


PIARC Italia PIARC International




TTS Italia
Domenico CROCCO PIARC Italia (First Delegate)
Stefano CRISCI PIARC Italia lawier
Silvia BRUZZONE ISTAT (Italian Institute of Statistics)
Joun MILTON Chair TC Road Safety PIARC
Nick REED University of Oxford
Jessicah UGUCCIONE Law Commission of England and Wales
Anna CRACIUN Humanizing
Samantha JAMSON Leeds University (UK) Trustonomy
Araz TEIANEGH Head, Policy Systems Group
National University of Singapore
Brad STERZ PAVECampaign , Chair
Mark CHUNG National Safety Council Vice President, Roadway Practice (USA)

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